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We are currently updating all our websites and reintergrating the blog and adding an online shop to make purchasing easier. If you have any queries please email.

NADUK (Nad's Automotive Developments) is a UK based company focusing on both the aftermarket and motorsport sectors. NAD offers a growing range of services with the aim of satisfying client expectation in any field undertaken.

The company specialises in vehicle dynamics but are able to supply a whole range of products over and above what is listed. NADUK also offers surface refinishing working under Affection to Detail and flocking through A Touch of Flock.

NADUK's main aim is to help clients choose the best brake and suspension setup for their application. Unlike most others companies, NADUK may recommend products that aren't currently sold through the company but this is because customer satisfaction and service comes first.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email. Want to be kept updated with the latest news and offers? Simply become a fan of the facebook page or follow the blog.